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The 100 most handsome men in Italy 2023

These are the most handsome men in Italy at the moment according to our personal taste.

Our editors took on the task of choosing the most handsome men in Italy and after much discussion we came to this result: Our platonic loves within this country.

Are you looking for the most handsome men in Italy? In this article we present you with a list of the most attractive and charismatic Italians.

Find out who they are, what they do and why they captivate us with their beauty and style.

Most handsome men in Italy

Look at our results.

1. Michele Morrone

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, model and singer who has participated in various Italian and Polish films, his most prominent role being the one he plays in the film 365 Dni.

most handsome men in Italy
Most handsome men in Italy

2. Lorenzo Zurzolo

Italian actor who earned his breakout television role as Niccolo on the Italian series Baby. He is also recognized for his recurring role as Nino Ferrari in the series Questo e il mio Paese.

3. Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Thomas Sprouse is an Italian-born American actor and the twin brother of Cole Sprouse. He is known for his role as Zack Martin on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its spin-off The Suite Life on Deck.

4. Damiano David

Damiano David is an Italian singer-songwriter known for being the vocalist for the Italian rock band Måneskin, who won the 2021 Sanremo Music Festival and the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Zitti e buoni”.

5. Alessio Scalzotto

Alessio Scalzotto (born October 23, 2002) is an Italian-born American Actor and Instagram Personality from Vicenza, Italy.

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