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The 100 most handsome men of Cuba of 2023

These are the most handsome men of Cuba at the moment according to our taste.

Our editors took on the task of choosing the most handsome men in Cuba in 2023 and after much discussion we reached this result, which are our platonic loves within this country.

Are you looking for the most handsome men in the world? In this article we present you with a list of the most attractive and charismatic men in the world.

Find out who they are, what they do and why they captivate us with their beauty and style.

Most handsome men of Cuba

Look at our results.

1.William Levy

William Levy is a Cuban-American actor and model.

Most handsome men of Cuba
Most handsome men of Cuba

2. Ruben Cortado

Jorge Rubén Cortada Soto, better known as Rubén Cortada, is a Cuban actor and model.

3. Mario Cimarro

Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz is a Cuban actor, known for his performance in telenovelas such as Gata salvaje, Pasión de gavilanes and El cuerpo del deseo

4. Jorge Luis Pila

Jorge Luis Pila is a Cuban television actor. He has worked in the telenovelas Al norte del corazón, Secreto de amor, Get on my motorcycle, among others.


5. Yotuel Romero

Yotuel Omar Romero Manzanares, better known as Yotuel, is a Cuban singer and actor.

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