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The 100 Most Handsome Men of United States of 2023

These are the Most Handsome Men of United States right now according to our personal taste.

Our editors took on the task of choosing the most handsome men in the United States and after much discussion we came to this result: Our platonic loves within this country.

Most Handsome Men of United States

Look at our results.

1. Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt, better known as Brad Pitt, is an American actor, model, and film producer.

Most Handsome Men of United States
Most Handsome Men of United States

America's 100 Most Handsome Men 2023

2. Zac Efron

Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron is an American actor.

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, dancer, and businessman.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal is an American actor. He started acting at the age of eleven, when he participated in City Slickers.

5. Chris Evans

Christopher Robert Evans, known simply as Chris Evans, is an American actor, voice actor, director, and film producer.

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